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Arca was one of the first schools of Italian as a foreign language in Bologna. Set up in 1998 with the aim of encouraging the meeting of different cultures and to spread the knowledge of Italian language and culture, it entered into a partnership with the language school Modern English Study Centre, already recognized by the Italian Ministry of Public Education since 1985.

Arca is the only Italian language school in Bologna to belong to AISLi, the Association of quality Language Schools in Italy that protects students and teachers and guarantees a constantly professional service. Since 2000, Arca has joined forces with another Italian language school, Koinè in Florence, with whom it shares the communicative teaching methodology.

Classes consist of a maximum of ten students, which allows for an optimum amount of conversational exchanges among classmates, as well as with the teachers. Consequently, people quickly feel at home and tend to improve their communication skills naturally as a result. It also enables teachers to get to know each student properly and attend closely to his or her individual requirements, thus doing their best to satisfy everybody's needs as well as establishing a friendly relationship with everyone.


0 #2 Serena gordini 2014-07-05 16:49
Derar Mark, thanks so much for your wonderful comment , you are too kind ! I m almost moved by it! ci vediamo presto e continua a studiare l' italiano ! Bravissimo!
Un caro saluto da tutti noi ad ARCA
0 #1 Mark Bello 2014-07-04 20:56
I cannot recommend this school highly enough. The teachers are extremely skilled. They are able to take students of all ages, from all over the globe and create a sense of shared purpose. At the same time, the instructors pay close attention to each student and help that student advance. The result is that students gain confidence and rapidly improve. I advanced as much in two weeks as I had previously in a looser structure in another city in two months.

In addition to the great teaching, the entire school is welcoming. From the moment I walked in the door I felt welcomed as an serious student. I really appreciate that the work is pitched just a bit higher than what is typically taught at any particular level.

To make it even better. The school is located on a delightful, quiet street in a very historic setting near a fantastic loggia where we took our coffee breaks, the "pausa".

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