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The Homestay Course is a new and enjoyable way to study Italian.

During the course you’ll be able to improve your Italian with individual lessons tailor-made for your personal needs and interests.

You can choose your own schedule for the lessons, and in this way you’ll be able study Italian and dedicate the rest of your time to visiting and discovering the riches of Italy.

Whenever you wish, we’ll organize trips and tours together, which will also give you the chance to spend your time conversing in Italian.


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Full immersion in the Italian reality will allow you to learn and improve your Italian quickly and effectively. Not only through study, but also by spending time together, with me, my family and my friends. We can have conversations, go out together, go to the theater, go shopping and do all sorts of things typical of the genuine, everyday life of our country.

During the course you can enjoy the following services:

single room with private bathroom,

all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) or packed lunch if necessary during our tours and excursions

transport from home to the station of Vado-Monzuno, just a few minutes away, where you can reach Bologna by train in 30 minutes.


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Different options are available:

  • • One-week homestay course, consisting of a seven-day stay (six nights) and 20 hours of individual lessons. Total cost 1595.00 Euros per person.
  • • 4-day homestay course, consisting of a four-day stay (three nights) and 10 hours of individual lessons. Total cost 1060.00 Euros per person.


Instead, if you are looking for a different, fun weekend, we also offer the following weekend courses:

  • • Weekend in the kitchen, for three days (from Friday to Sunday, two nights) you will be our special guest. You’ll have the chance to speak as much Italian as you want; during the 6 hours of lessons you can focus on your chosen topics and then take it easy in your free time as a tourist. We’ll cook together and sample the delights of our world-famous cuisine, all accompanied by excellent wines.
  • • Weekend at the opera, from Friday to Sunday (two nights) you will spend three whole days immersed in the world of Italian Opera; you’ll be able to study the librettos of the great Italian composers, like Verdi, Rossini or whoever you wish. You can visit Busseto, the small town where Giuseppe Verdi was born and lived, and where it’s possible to visit his house of birth (an hour and a half by car from my home). We can go to the opera together and see one of the works you have studied, or another one, chosen from the program of the Teatro Comunale in Bologna or the Teatro Regio in Parma.


The weekend courses cost 450.00 Euros per person.