Language (10 hours weekly)

In class, you will learn about the Italian language of the cinema, by reading reviews, specialist newspaper articles and extracts from specific books, as well as viewing excerpts from television programmes dedicated to the “seventh art”. Your teacher will also introduce you to the history of Italian cinema by showing you footage from some of its masterpieces.

Workshop (10 hours weekly)

You will visit places in Bologna linked to the cinema: the cineteca, housing one of the most important film collections in Italy, with its two film theatres where you can view a number of movies, the film library next door to it, as well as many locations around town where films have been shot. Your teacher will guide you in your reading of film-scripts and you can try your hand at script-writing yourself, if you feel so inclined.

In addition (at extra cost), you can choose to visit other towns with your teacher, such as:

  • Rimini, the hometown of Fellini

  • Venice during the world-famous film-festival, which takes place in late August / early September


You will be given information on the film screenings in town and suggestions about places to see in Italy, such as the cinema museum in Turin, the film festivals in Bologna, Venice, Turin, Rome and other cities.


1 week (20 hours)
1 student = € 990,00
2 students = € 600,00 each
3 or more students = € 500,00 each


Prices include: finding and booking accommodation, didactic materials, cultural activities, attendance certificate.