Language (10 hours weekly)

In class you will learn about the history of opera singing and read biographies of the most important composers and musicians whose names are in some way linked to the town or territory: Mozart, Rossini, Verdi, Toscanini, Bellini and many others. You will listen to excerpts from different operas and analyze the texts, thus learning to recognize words and patterns which have become obsolete in contemporary Italian.

Workshop (10 hours weekly)

Your teacher will take you to see the Philharmonic Academy where Mozart studied, the beautiful International Museum of Music, the Conservatory, some lute-maker’s workshops and many other places.

With your teacher, you can choose to visit towns such as: Parma, hometown of the great conductor Arturo Toscanini.

In addition (at extra cost), you can choose to visit:

  • Busseto, in the house where Giuseppe Verdi, the famous composer, was born.

The possible topics include:

  • (1) History through opera
    “Viva V.E.R.D.I.”, as the Italians wrote at the time of the Risorgimento. By studying the great lyric operas we can discover the culture and history of our country. As our president Giorgio Napolitano wrote on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Italian unification: “While recently reviewing, with the aid of eminent scholars, the development of the Italian language as an underlying factor of national unity, we stressed the role of 19th century melodrama, epitomized by Verdi’s masterpieces”

  • (2) The history of music from Orpheus to Lady Gaga
    A musician’s only rule? To break the rules! With the help of the book “Guida ai musicisti che rompono” (2011) written by Massimo Balducci and Federico Capitoni, one of the authors guides us through the great transgressions that made the history of music.


You will be given information about the city’s opera- and concert programmes and we will help you to book tickets, if you wish.


1 week (20 hours)
1 student = € 1.100,00
2 students = € 650,00 each
3 or more students = € 550,00 each

Prices include: finding and booking accommodation, didactic materials, cultural activities, attendance certificate.