Language (10 hours weekly)

In class, your teacher will hold seminars on individual artists or periods in the history of Art to introduce you to the specific vocabulary. You could take a course on “Michelangelo: painter, sculptor and architect”, “Etruscan art” or “Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna”. You will also learn more about the themes and artists chosen, by viewing film footage, photographs and other material.

Workshop (10 hours weekly)

These are activities linked to the subject discussed in the morning. You will visit places and monuments relating to the period or artist you are studying: the archaeological museum, Art Gallery (Pinacoteca), the frescoes of Francesco Francia and Lorenzo Costa, sculptures by Alfonso Lombardi, Niccolò dell’Arca and Michelangelo, Roman and Gothic architecture in the many Bolognese churches, and the workshops of lutemakers and ceramicists.

You can choose to visit one of the following cities of art:

  •  Modena, with its splendid cathedral

  • Parma, ancient city of dukes

  • Ravenna, with its magnificent mosaics

  • Ferrara, with its splendid castle

In addition (at extra cost), you can choose to visit towns such as:

  • Ravenna, with its magnificent mosaics
  • Venice, unique for its fascinating atmosphere
  • Florence, cradle of the Italian Renaissance


1 week (20 hours)
1 student = € 1.100,00
2 students = € 650,00 each
3 or more students = € 550,00 each

Prices include: finding and booking accommodation, didactic materials, cultural activities, attendance certificate.