Our team is made up of an administration manager, a course coordinator, a marketing manager and a permanent group of teachers. Our teachers are mother-tongue graduates, highly specialized in the teaching of Italian as a foreign language. All with many years of experience in the sector, they were selected on the basis of their communicative and professional skills.


Hi, my name's Serena and I'm one of the partners of the school. I’m in charge of administration and deal with enrolments, payments, accommodation and other services. You’ll find me in the reception area, behind my desk, ready to help you if you need me!


Hi, my name's Serafina. I graduated in German and Romance studies in Switzerland and at DAMS in Italy. I am qualified to teach Italian and German, I possess a DITALS certificate and I am a registered CELI examiner. I have been working in language teaching and training for over 30 years. My job at ARCA is to organize and coordinate the courses, assess the levels of the students and divide them into classes. Sometimes I'll also be your teacher. Along with Serena I will be happy to deal with any questions or requests you might have.


I’m Laura and I’m very pleased to meet you!  I deal with marketing and promoting the school: I look after the contacts with clients, advertising, special packages, in other words everything concerning the commercial side of the courses.


Hello, my name is Massimo! I've been working at ARCA since 2011, and besides the language courses I also deal with Italian culture: literature, cinema, art. I'm also a music journalist, so we can listen to some pieces and songs together. In class I also like to discuss society, history and politics, as well as the many traditions and customs of our "Belpaese". So I look forward to meeting you all, to share with you a taste of Italy!


Hi, I'm Ludovico, I've been teaching at ARCA for several years and during my lessons I love taking my students on a trip through space and time! My main topics of interest are current affairs and contemporary history, whereas music is my greatest passion and for some months every year it's also my profession, as I play the sax on cruise ships. I'm very keen to help you make friends with the Italian language and the city of Bologna.


Hi! I'm Chiara, one of the Italian teachers, and I will be very pleased to meet you here at ARCA. I was born in Florence but now live in Bologna and I've always been keen on the history of art, in particular that of the Renaissance. This is why I deal with the organization of courses in the history of art. It will be a pleasure for me to spend some afternoons together discovering Bologna or other splendid Italian towns!


Hello! My name's Iolanda and I've been teaching Italian since 2009. I studied linguistics and modern literature at Bologna university and my personal interests are the cinema, travel literature and taking long walks in the country. I'm looking forward to meeting you at Arca, where you will not only learn the language but also be introduced to the wealth of Italian culture and our lifestyle. Together, we will discuss the cinema, literature, music, current affairs and any other topic you are interested in: any suggestions from you will be welcome!


Hello! My name's Lucia Cristina. I've been working for Arca as an Italian language teacher since September 2014.
While I was studying foriegn languages (German, English and a bit of French and Russian) I discovered that what I like best is to share my passion for my language, Italian, with the rest of the world. So that's why I decided to specialize in this area.I really enjoy cooking as well and I think this is another excellent way to explore my country's culture!

Lucia Cristina

Hello, my name’s Corinna. I was born in Marche, but I’ve lived here in Bologna since 2000. After spending three years abroad teaching Italian, I came back to Bologna because of its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It’s a lively and fascinating place to live. I love contemporary art, comic strips & cartoons as well as music and Bologna is an exciting place for things like these. I’ve been teaching here at ARCA since September 2014. I very much appreciate the numerous opportunities teaching gives me to explore and practise together with my learners the multiple ways of talking about Italian life and culture.


Hi, my name's Carla, I've been teaching Italian for about 5 years through organisations dealing with migration, but I've been with ARCA since last October. I've been living in this wonderful town for 5 years and Bologna now feels like my home, although I originally come from Puglia. At university I studied Foreign Languages and Literatures, Foreign Language Didactics and Anthropology. I'm particularly fond of discussing politics, modern and contemporary history, cultural and intercultural studies, and gender studies. I love poetry and dance: I studied theatrical and contemporary dance for many years, of which I then became a teacher. I've travelled a lot and for a short time I lived abroad: I love encountering other cultures and comparing them and this accounts for my passion for my present work that allows me to be constantly in contact with different experiences, points of view, knowledge and mentalities. I hope that you too will be able to enjoy the stimulating atmosphere of our school!