Courses information

Classes consist of a maximum of ten students, which allows for an optimum amount of conversational exchanges among classmates, as well as with the teachers. Consequently, people quickly feel at home and tend to improve their communication skills naturally as a result. It also enables teachers to get to know each student properly and attend closely to his or her individual requirements, thus doing their best to satisfy everybody’s needs as well as establishing a friendly relationship with everyone.

Please note that to participate in a group course students must be aged 16 or over. For students under 16 we can organise individual lessons

CEF – Common European Framework for Linguistic Competences

The Common European Framework for languages distinguishes between three bands of linguistic competence, further divided into a total of six levels, for each of which it defines the learner’s abilities in different areas and skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Cultural activities

Arca is keen on developing students’ linguistic and communicative skills through activities that introduce them to Italian cultural and social life. This is why our language courses have two scheduled weekly activities and guided tours around towns of historical or artistic interest. And during weeks that include a national holiday (when the school will be closed for the whole day) we organize an extra afternoon activity.

Here are some examples of the activities *

  •   guided tours around museums, exhibitions, monuments and important buildings of Bologna
  •   cultural events such as film, dance and music festivals, concerts, art exhibitions,
  •   film shows at school with an introduction by the teacher and a guided discussion; afterwards, aperitifs in a bar in the centre, dinner in typical Bolognese trattorie.
  •   half-day trips to towns of artistic interest not far from Bologna: Modena, the town of the Ferrari, with its splendid cathedral; Ferrara with its fascinating castle, Ravenna with its magnificent mosaics and the tomb of Dante Alighieri, etc.
  •   day-trips to Towns in Emilia Romagna, particularly when there are special events: Parma, Modena (balsamic vinegar); Ferrara and the Buskers’ Festival; Ravenna and its mosaics

On request we can also organise:

  •   half-day visits to local businesses of commercial and cultural interest: Ducati, Ferrari, a traditional vinegar works producing the renowned balsamic vinegar of Modena, etc.
  •   practical cookery courses with a final dinner of typical dishes at a local cooking school
  •   wine tasting at a typical Bolognese enoteca.

NOTE: activities may vary according to the season and availability