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Our students are people studying Italian for pleasure, for their jobs, or for school or university. They may be heterogeneous in age and origin, but they all share a strong motivation to learn Italian as well as an interest in Bologna’s lively culture, its university, its excellent cuisine and the renowned hospitality of its inhabitants.

Over the years, Arca has taught pilots and flight-attendants from various airlines, university- and high-school students, school- and university-teachers and researchers, interpreters and translators, politicians, ecclesiastics, opera-singers, chefs and waiters, managers and office-employees, mothers and housewives, journalists, musicians and many other people who have played their part in creating a cheerful and friendly atmosphere.

For the last few years, we have been working with the National Theatre of Tokyo, whose highly distinguished opera-singers learn Italian with us while attending an advanced course at the prestigious Accademia Filarmonica, the same academy Mozart attended!



If none of these course are what you’re looking for, don’t worry! We also organize special and customized courses. Courses start every Monday and include cultural and social activities, finding and booking accommodation, didactic materials, attendance certificate and other facilities. The school is right in the centre, in a 16th century palazzo. You’ll have free use of the computers and wireless Internet in our multi-media centre and there is also a library with books, videos and dvds you can take home on loan or view at school. If you’d like to know more about us and get extra information, contact us: we’ll do our best to satisfy your curiosity and meet all your requirements!