Thank you so much for these 4 weeks! This was one of the best experiences of my life. The hospitality was really great. A great advantage was that we worked in small groups and, because of this, we could concentrate better and be faster during our classes. The teachers and the staff were really helpful and always acclaimed the students whenever they said something good, which made them feel more confident when speaking in Italian. I think that I have learnt far more than I could ever have learnt in a language school in Hungary. So thank you very much!
(Anna Hoffer, Ungheria, 04/08/2017)

This was a marvelous program. everything is as advertized and the staff and the teachers could not be more helpful, knowledgeable and kind. My course placement seems to have been adequate, even though this must be one of the most difficult challenges for the ARCA staff. The tours and museum visits too seem perfectly suited for both the students and the staff. Also, Lucia is a fantastic personal tutor! Best of luck.
(James Mixson, USA, 14/07/2017)

I really enjoyed the course here, I thought that it was the right place for a beginner course. Despite only being here for two weeks, my Italian has improved considerably! The staff are very cheerful and approachable. The social/cultural activities are interesting and a good way of meeting new people. Grazie mille Arca! I will be back soon.
(Alexandra MacDiarmid, Scozia, 14/07/2017)

I loved my week at Arca! My teachers are excellent, they were patient, kind and made learning even the most basic concepts fun. The staff at Arca is welcoming and kind. My husband and I went on a tour set up by Arca. It was very educational. I have been so impressed with the level of intellectualism and friendliness of Bologna, thanks to Arca. I will definitely be back!
(Renate Rohlfing, USA, 30/06/2017)

I have had a very good experience at the school. The teachers have been fantastic: attentive, patient and helpful. At first I found it difficult because the lessons are conducted entirely in Italian; however I realise that this has really benefited me, because listening capabilities have improved. I have participated in all of the cultural activities and enjoyed every one. It’s been a nice way to get to know the teachers and fellow students. Grazie a tutti!
(Joshua Sneddon, UK, 30/06/2017)

My experience of Arca has been a delight. The teaching has been excellent and classes instructive and entertaining. My two weeks at Arca were a rewarding experience and I would recommend the school to anyone wanting to learn Italian.
(Carole Machin, UK, 30/06/2017)

This was the third time in the last five years that I have enrolled in a course at the school and the reason for this is simple – the staff, teachers and facilities at Arca are exemplary. From the first moment that you set foot on the premises, you are made to feel welcome. I’ve taken courses with several different teachers, and while their styles of teaching Italian differed, they all shared a dedication to the teaching and an ability to establish a comfortable and productive rapport with their students (who hailed from all walks of life and a variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds). As a teacher myself, I can confidently say that the teachers here are highly capable, attentive, perceptive and creative in the classroom, along with being delightful and interesting interlocutors, both inside and outside the classroom. The classes included instruction in both the rules of grammar and conversational practice. I expecially appreciated how teachers managed to get students (even shy beginners) to speak to each other in Italian both during class and during the daily pausa at a nearby cafe. I definitely look forward to taking more courses at the school in future.
(Shelley Wong, USA, 16 giugno 2017)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time ad Arca both at school and my private lessons. A huge thank to you all teachers and staff. Thanks also for a good selection of social and cultural activities on offer. Looking forward to my next visit to Bologna!
(Niky Flew, Gran Bretagna, 14/06/2017)

My hosts where I was staying were amazing, they were so kind and helpful. For example, when I had trouble sleeping, they gave me a fan and gave me good advice to use a lighter bed linen.
The school was a great place to meet other interesting like minded people and the facilities were good.
I loved my teachers Lucia and Ludovico. They were so kind, supportive and always ready to help explain things in different ways when I didn’t understand things. I felt I learned valuable lessons on grammar (pronouns) whilst having fun. We also had Serafina who has an incredible personality which means it’s impossible to be unhappy in her class.
My first cultural activity with Corinna was nice. Her passion and knowledge of the town centre was wonderful to be a part of.
My second cultural activity with Iolanda was great. She is so much fun, we saw some interesting old streets and later had a wonderful convivial experience having beer and pizza at a birreria and learning about the beer sourced locally.
My third cultural activity was a good idea – a guided tour of Sala Borsa but unfortunately I felt that in reality our tour guide spoke for too much time and sometimes he was a bit boring.
I enjoyed greatly my time at the school and I am sad that I was only able to stay for 1 week on this occasion. I would highly recommend this school.
(Ese Okperin, UK, 09/06/2017)

I had an amazing time in Bologna. The city is beautiful and everything is in walking distance. Yet, there is still everything one needs, with many shops and restaurants. The school was amazing, everyone was so kind and I loved that I actually had to (try to) speak only in Italian in class. The teachers are very helpful and I think I learned a lot during the short week that I stayed here. I will definitely come back! 🙂
(Francesca Franke, Germania, 14/04/2017)

I have really enjoyed my time at Arca. The staff are very friendly and helpful and able to adapt their teaching to the different levels of ability in each class. fellow students have also been easy to get on with and supportive. I also took the one-to-one sessions in the afternoon which really complemented the morning lessons but were quite challenging. I would have no hesitation in recommending Arca school to anyone wanting to learn or improve their italian.
(Alan Gavurin, Regno Unito, 14/04/2017)

A good balance of conversational and grammatical teaching, thought fully and expertly adapted to the level of the participants. Pleasant and enjoyable sessions. Productive and eccellent excuse to stay in Bologna for a week- love Bologna. Thanks Chiara e Serafina.
(Roger Snelson, UK, 08/04/2017)

Very useful beginners course. Teachers were very helpful, patient, encouraging and weel engaged. I enjoyed my week and I managed to acquire some of the basics. Will retourn! Thank you
(Sashi Sashidharan, GB, 24/03/2017)

I had a wonderful time in ARCA! The school is cozy, the teachers are very helpful, patient and caring, and I really enjoyed meeting the other students. All the activities were very nice and I had a lot of fun.
(Maria Prandini, Brasil, 24/03/2017)

I had a very good experience at arca. The materials used in class are appropriate and the teaching methods good. The teachers are very knowlegeable about Italian grammar. The other students were also a pleasure to be with. They were all serious about learning. There was also a nice mix of age group from early twenty to retirement age. The staff were very helpful and organised.
(Tom Whalley, Canada, 03/03/2017)

I have had three more weeks of language course at ARCA because I liked it very much the last time I was here. The teachers are really good and it has been a good opportunity for me to get a “language boast” after six months here in Bologna. Thanks! Ci vediamo!
(Vilde Borgnes, Norvegia, 24/02/2017)

Our teacher was super nice and very good at including everybody. It is very easy to understand the teacher and the school is very helpful.
(Kathrine Blaabjerg Pedersen, Danimarca, 23/02/2017)

It has been a good experience to speak Italian the most of the time. Corinna is a good teacher who can teach other people Italian because she uses hands to descride things, if we do not understand what she says.
As a conclusion, I may come back to learn more Italian.
(Mette Markussen, Danimarca, 23/02/2017)

It was nice: mi è piaciuto. Corinna was so sweet. She was understanding and helpful. We learnt a lot.
(Ditte Kirstine, Danimarca, 23/02/2017)

It was nice and our teacher Corinna was so sweet and funny. We learnt a lot, because she was really helpful.
(Catjia Ringsborg Jensen, Danimarca, 23/02/2017)

Un corso bellissimo! I really enjoyed the course and I felt like I learn a lot in just four days.
(Bastian Lundt, Danimarca, 23/02/2017)

It is a brilliant school with great facilities. The personal is very nice and they are always ready to help you. The teachers are nice, especially Corinna, she is so funny.
(Simon Bech Roesen, 23/02/2017)

A good school with nice teachers and personal. Nice and charming facilities and good learning opportunities.
(Tobias Brandt Smedegaard Jensen, 23/02/2017)

The school is small therefore, the whole experience was personal. The classes were also small – perhaps because it was winter – but that made the learning very focused. The teachers were varied, and each of them offered something different. I would rate the standard of the teching as quite high. The excursions were wonderful and another opportunity to mix with other students from other classes, and other teachers. I plan to return – so that probably verifies what I have said. The only suggestion I make is possibly to have more continuity between what the two different classes/teachers offer.
(Kathryn Try, Australia, 4/2/2017)

Compliments for the school! Your staff, and the teachers were very kind, I felt very welcome since the first day. I liked the way of teaching; very focused on communication. I advanced very weel. Grazie mille!
(Yvonne America, Olanda, 17/12/2016)

I would like to say thank you for the wonderful time in school. I have enjoyed my time studying Italian in ARCA, teachers are very nice and helpful, all of the staff are big professionals. I have got a lot of encourage to study a new language for me, I am very happy I chose this school in Bologna. I have made also many new friends from all around the world, so thank you for that.
(Yanina Herastsina, Russia, 02/12/2016)

I had a fantastic time! I arrived to Bologna not knowing a single Italian word and was surprised how fun it could be learning a new language. My teachers were lovely, very patient and kind. The trips to the café and the evening activities gave me the chance to get to know the other students. Bologna is a beautiful city with lots of history and luckily very few tourists. I will miss this place very much but, hopefully, return next fall. Mille grazie per tutto.
(Charlotte Geiger, Germania, 31/10/2016)

We came for just one week during which we have been welcomed “benissimo”. Lucia and Massimo have been very helpful and flexible in looking after us and taught me much. However, as a complete beginner, a week is not long enough to enable me to converse effectively or make my way in an Italian world. But it has given me a very good bases and framework for me to go off and learn much more for myself. Perhaps by Internet. Then maybe we return next year for 2 or 3 weeks at higher level.
(Ian Horrell, UK, 7 ottobre 2016)

I have a very good impression of Arca and I have learned a lot. The teachers are very good, and I liked when we had the same teacher for more than one week. I’ve been to a few cultural activities. It is a very good offer and makes it easier to get to know the other students.
(Signe Gjorven, Norvegia, September 2016)

A wonderful school who take teaching so seriously. I enjoyed my time here immensely and want to thank you for making my stay so enjoyable.
(Audrey Marchbank, Scozia, September 2016)

I loved the course very much. The teachers were great! And I learned a lot!
The atmosphere in the school is wonderful. So thank you very much!
(Joke Wieringa, Olanda, May 2016)

I enjoyed the classes very much indeed. The teachers were Corinna and Iolanda. They both were very good at helping us to achieve a good grasp of the basics of Italian in one week. They were very patient and we did not feel our pace was too fast to learn. My book is full of information and linguistic structure that I will enjoy going over when I return home. The class were a lovely group of people who I enjoyed sharing time with. Activities became social occasions. We talked about returning to the school.
(Nina Kolesnik, UK, May 2016)

The school have been great for me. I’m so happy that I have started with Italian lessons. The teachers have been really good. I like to be a small group, you learn so much more! I think I have learned more Italian in only 3 weeks! When I come back to Bologna I will start with the lessons again. Everyone on the school have been very friendly and nice. I will go from your school with a smile 🙂
(Lina Lundqvist, Svezia, May 2016)
I have only good things to say about Arca – the four weeks of my course were a happy & positive time. The staff are accomplished and effective – and whilst the pace and content of lessons is intensive the manner of teaching is always patient & encouraging. My Teachers – Iolanda, Massimo & Lucia – were excellent communicators, and also friendly & kind, and I liked their enthusiasm for their language, their generous encouragement of students. The school premises are pleasant – light, airy, functional) although perhaps some modernization and extension of the accommodation & replacement of some furniture items, might be a good idea). The pausa, and extra – curricular outings encourage of a dimensions of students interactional and exploration of the city.
(Jenny Waine, UK, May 2016)

For us, the course and the instructors were what was required for people in our situation. The material was appropriate for learners in the first phase. The teachers were wonderful and made our experience very pleasant and rewarding. The accomodation that the school arranged was absolutely excellent. The staff was always very professional and responsive. Vogliamo ritornare subito, grazie.
(David McGuire and Tana Meeds, USA, April 2016)

There is a certain stress associated with learning a foreign language. At ARCA they know how to deal with it. As soon as I set foot inside the door I felt I was part of the school. Everyone knew my name and everyone spoke to me every time they met me. I instantly felt at home. I have been given all the help and encouragement needed to maximise my learning. The teachers are enthusiastic and energetic and know exactly how to make the lessons exciting for both the class and the individual. Overall this has been a wonderful experience and I am clear that this is the best way for me to learn Italian. There is no doubt that I will return again this year. The morning break with the whole school is a good idea and all the social and cultural activities worked really well for me. A big ‘thank you’ to everyone at ARCA.
(Martin Morse, UK, March 2016)

I had a wonderful time at the school. It has a warm and friendly athmosphere. All three teachers I was taught by in group lessons and private lessons were excellent. All of the lessons were interesting and good fun. All 3 were careful to ensure that each memeber of the class kept up and understood everything. The lessons were full of variety and were very well pitched at the level of the participants. I will recommend the school to my friends and i really hope that i will be albe to return. Thank you all very much
(Ginny Davis, 15 01 2016)

I had a great time at ARCA – Thank you. I learned a lot and had fun in the lessons. The activities were great and i am glad i joined all of them. Going to the part is a great part of the day. I feel like i got good value for money. There is a nice community here and i would lokve to come back. Bologna is a wonderful city and i would recommend it to others.
Grazie mille. ARCA è squisita
(Caroline, Australia, Gennaio 2016)

It has been a supremely happy month here in Bologna. Not only has it been a delight to use my old brain again, but also, it could not have happened without the inspired, sensitive, and yes! exuberant teaching of my wonderful teacher –Serafina, Yolanda and Chiara. To all three I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude. Thank you, all of you! I reccommend this excellent school to all who want to speak Italian as it should be spoken – what a beautiful language and what a beautiful city to study in! Se avessi avuto il tempo, l’avrei scritto le parole qui sopra in italiano! (Rosanne Angas, UK, 7/10/2015)

I had a great time learning Italian for the first time. The teachers Iolanda and Corinna were lovely, and always explained specific aspects of the language I found difficult. I now feel I can make basic conversation with an Italian person – which I didn’t think I would be able to do in just 5 days. I liked learning about the importance of coffee, and doing listening practice – very useful! (Hannah Jago, Inghilterra, 24/07/2015)

It has been a great experience to study at ARCA! The staff has been wonderful – not a single time have I experienced not feeling welcome. The classes are well structured but still with room for unexpected conversations. The teachers are patient, they listen and they are happy to help with pronunciation and grammar. I have had a wonderful time and I would love to come back in the future. Thank you so much!! (Nikoline Rose-Henriksen, Danimarca, 3-07-2015)

La scuola ARCA exceeded my expectations! In 3 weeks my Italian language + abilities have improved immensely from a nearly – absolute beginner to now being able to understand quite a bit + being able to speak some Italian with others able to understand me. It was work and fun! At ARCA all the administrative and teaching staff are kind, interested and encouraging. Special thanks to my teachers Serafina, Corinna, Iolanda and Claudia J! Students were friendly and supporting of each other. The homestay accommodation with an Italian family was wonderful. They became my family and their home, my own “home away from home”. They supported my learning and extended my Bolognese – experience. Serena, tu e tutto il personale ARCA è d’oro!! Bravissimo!! Cari saluti, Sharon (Sharon Scarcelli De Jong, Australia, 25/05/2015)

I have had a fabulous two days. My teachers were so friendly, so well organized and so welcoming to me – even when I turned up at completely the wrong time (having forgotten to change my watch). We explored Bologna – the food shops and many of the gorgeous churches. I learnt how to make tortellini and tried all sorts of delicious Italian food. It was fun! (Rachel Ryan, Nuova Zelanda, 27/04/2015)

I enjoyed this course very much. There was a good balance of instruction and practice in conversation and guided activities to keep student interested. The teachers engaged the students and were attentive to their needs. I’d recommend it whole heartedly! (Marion Crook, USA,11/04/2015)

I have very much enjoyed my two weeks at the school. The teachers have been very supportive and encouraging, whilst highly challenging our learning. There has been a very welcoming atmosphere , related, friendly, which has created a safe space to experiment with the language. The cultural events have been varied, all were interesting. I have learnt a great deal, enjoyed the experience as well. I can fully recommend the school. (Jean Brant, UK, 11/04/2015)

I had a truly wonderful time at ARCA. I was a complete beginner to Italian when I arrived and I improved hugely during my month of lessons. I felt immediately comfortable at the school. All of the teachers were really friendly, open and welcoming, and made learning Italian fun and accessible. The structure and the pace of the lessons was perfect. I really enjoyed the activities that the school arranged, too, as it helped me to get to know Bologna whilst practicing Italian. The mix of students was also great, everyone was friendly and there was a very positive atmosphere created by the school and teachers. My accommodation was perfect, only 2 minutes walk away from the school, and the host family were welcoming and helpful (they also spoke to me only in Italian, which was excellent as it forced me to practice)!
Grazie mille a tutti per la esperienza fantastica. Spero di potere tornare presto, mi e’ piacuito molto! Con i migliori auguri, Esme. (Esme Garlake, Inghilterra, 29/3/2015)

I have had a truly fantastic time learning Italian in Bologna at ARCA. My teacher Andrea has taught me so much in terms of both the language and culture of Italy and he teaches with skill and humour! My accommodation has been perfect. All the staff at ARCA are extremely friendly and helpful. Also I have very much enjoyed the cultural activities included in the program. This very much adds tp the cultural learning opportunities through ARCA. Thank you very much. I hope to return some time! (Michelle Farquhar, Australia, 28/7/2011)

I have really enjoyed my time at the school. The teachers are all very approachable and helpful. Location is fantastic. Resources and materials used really helped my learning. Perfect amount of study each day and good interaction between students. I would highly recommend to anyone – made great friends and improved my language more than I thought I could. (Lucy Revill, New Zealand, Studente, 2011)

Arca provided me a comfortable experience to advance my limited skills in communicating in Italian. Enjoyed all the instructors and my companion students. Bologna is a great town. All in all, a great edu-vacation! (Mark Cheuven, US, Psichiatra, 2011)

This was my second experience as a student at ARCA and I once again found the staff and program to be excellent. Serena was helpful with enrollment and directing my requests to the teachers. In the office her calm pleasant manner made every visit a pleasure. In fact, the entire staff treated me and my husband like friends. Having observed the teaching staff at work twice now, can say that they are exceptional in their diagnoses and preparation specific to both groups and individuals. The school’s location is ideal and they maximize opportunities to enjoy Bologna’s cultural offerings. (Sharon Kettyle, USA, 20/05/2011)

Everything about my stay was perfect! The accomodation found for me was with a lovely family. Teachers are wonderful and the school very welcoming! I was pleasantly surprised at all the extra cultural-social aspect that were invlved too. It was difficult at times to speak only italian but i understand that it’s the only way we can learn! (Olivia Merrett, Australia, 09-12-11)

The classes with the teacher were very instructive as well as enjoyable. I am only here one week unfortunately. I wish I had more time to learn more, get to know all the staff and more of beautiful Bologna. The apartment where I am staying is wonderful. (Sally Gross, Canada, 4/05/12)

The course was excellent for me- the level I was placed in was appropriate and the teachers were very helpful and friendly. My hostess in the apartment was very welcoming and went out of her way to make me feel welcome. I hope to return for another course. (Felicia Coles, Australia, 11-05-12)

Bologna is amazing! I found the course fantastic and really enjoyed my stay here! I enjoyed the teaching and feel great about country. I have learnt many new things, for example the phrase “come butta” which I use all the time now. I enjoyed my experience here and would love to come again! (Louis Johnston, Inghilteraa, 6-05-12)

I really enjoyed my stay. Everybody at school was very nice and cosyng. Teachers are very patient and really good in teaching. I liked the lessons becouse I learned a lot and also had a lot of fun. I also liked all the activities which were always interesting and enjoyable. I was very content with my host family. They took very good care of me and provided me with everything I needed and more. They are very open and tolerant. They really made me feel at home. (Victoria Raimann, Austria, 02-03-12)

I’m very proud of my decision for coming here to study Italian. I’ve learned a lot and I am more confident to speak Italian now. Everything is great, the teachers are very helpful and their teaching method is very good. I also liked the fact that the school would take us to trips to other cities of Italy and also we could learn about the culture and the history of Italy. (Loukia Ioannou, 05/10/2012)

I thougt my experience at Arca was excellent. My teacher was extremely helpful, patient, and was able to explain material in a way that I could easily understand. That two weeks course I took exceeded all of my expectations. I also found all of the staff to be very friendly and accomodating. I will highly reccomend this program to anyone who wishes to learn Italian. (John Guerin, 26/10/2012)

School: I was very impressed with the school and staff. Chiara was an excellent teacher and a lovely person. I really enjoyed my time with her. Activities: I was impressed with the effort of everybody for us to have a wonderful time in Bologna. We really enjoyed the interaction with the other students and teachers. The apartment that the school found for us was very comfortable and very well located for school and centro storico. (Monica Knight, 02/05/2013)

I have had an incredible time here at the school. I am amazed at how much I have improved and how much my confidence has grown. I have loved every minute in the small group class in the mornings but it is the private class in the afternoon that has really enabled me to advance quickly. Definitely worth paying extra for. I hope very much to return next year. (Amy Allen, 8/11/2013)

I have really enjoyed my time studying at ARCA. Everyone has been so kind and accommodating. All the teachers who I had have been very attentive and helpful and my apartment which I got through school was very nice. (Ellen Wright, 8/11/2013)

I have truly enjoyed by experience with ARCA. I have loved the class, Andrea è un insegnante magnifico and I learned a lot. Thank you ARCA for a wonderful 3 weeks! (Julianne Turpin, 25/11/2013)

The teachers are very helpful and willing to meet the needs of all students. They see feedbacks from the students to find out what areas of Italian language they need to improve. I have enjoyed the new format of the lessons being split into two different parts. There has been a lot of focus on conversation, which has been very useful for improving my confidence when speaking Italian. (Robert Holmes, 04/02/2014)
I will definitely be returning to ARCA. I regret that I booked a place for one week. I wish that it had been for four weeks but this was my first experience of a language school and at sixty-five I was uncertain of what to expect. It has been a mo0st wonderful experience. The ARCA community were kind, sympathetic, encouraging and stimulating their teaching methods (total immersion). Bologna is a vibrant and cultured city with a large student population and for the most part tourist-free. My Italian has improved immensely and I am already planning my second course. (David Stones, 07/03/2014)
I spent a wonderful stay here in Bologna, greatly aided by the quality of ARCA’s teaching. The professors are professional, friendly and helpful. The school is located in a great small street, close to the center and is perfect to discover the city. My accommodation was great, spacious, dear and in the center. My host was adorable, helpful, and helped my progress in Italian. (Céline Takla, 18/04/2014)

It wass my second course and again it wass really good. The teachers were very nice and I learned a lot. I think now I understand more off the language. And of course I’m coming back for sure! Thanks again for everything. (Marlon van Dyck, 02/05/2014)

My four weeks at ARCA was a wonderful experience. It exceeded my expectations! Each teacher was excellent. They were supportive, spoke clearly, highly qualified and professional. All lessons were well organized and clear. The teaching materials provided were useful and an appropriate addition to the lessons being taught. The four hours of instruction each day were mixed with different learning techniques to keep me engaged. The scheduled pause provided a pleasant and necessary break to continue speaking italian with the teachers and other students in a casual setting. All the ARCA staff was most pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful, even with situations outside of the school’s activities. Grazie mille! (Tania Copparoni, 04/12/2014)