An intensive course allowing you to combine the ordinary group course with 2 hours of individual lessons in the afternoon, Monday to Friday from 2 to 4 pm. The individual lessons will be dedicated to a closer examination of the topics dealt with in class as well as catering for your own specific needs. You could also have some lessons outside school, if you wish.

You will have two different teachers, one in the morning and another in the afternoon: they will both follow the same method, but it will be a chance to compare different individual modes of speaking Italian.

Due to the large demand for the Combined Courses, we kindly ask you to check with us for availability before enrolling.


  • 1 week (30 hours) = € 630,00
  • 2 weeks = € 1.080,00
  • 3 weeks = € 1.470,00
  • 4 weeks = € 1.860,00

Prices include: finding and booking accommodation, didactic materials, cultural activities, attendance certificate.