Our one-day package “Enjoy Bologna in a Day” starts in the morning with an expert mother-tongue teacher who will help you brush up your Italian and take you on a pleasant stroll around one of Europe’s most fascinating historic centers.

The teacher will then take you for a delicious meal in one of Bologna’s countless traditional restaurants.

The afternoon will be spent visiting some of the city’s many attractions, which can be arranged according to the student’s personal tastes. Possible visits include:

– A museum or gallery of your choice

– A closer look at some of the local food markets and stores

– A look around some of Bologna’s ancient basilicas and churches

– A climb to the top of Bologna’s highest medieval tower to enjoy the breath-taking view across the city

And, to round off the day, we suggest an “aperitivo” in one of the city’s fashionable wine bars.

So we wish you a “Buona passeggiata” and look forward to letting you “Enjoy Bologna in a Day”


1 student € 280,00

2 students € 200,00 each